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Our relations

You have come for a specific subject? HATOM accompanies you on all your Infra and Telecom issues

HATOM has been built over the years around and with our customers.
Thus the Group's strategy has developed to provide not one service but THEIR services. services.

HATOM is structured locally, with several territorial agencies, to meet the expectations of our main clients.

They have trusted us since the creation of the Group and its companies, and we owe them our growth. With your support and shared objectives, we are recruiting and are committed to training and equipping our employees so that they, in turn, can meet your challenges.

You had projects, we took them on; entrust us with the next ones and we will be honoured to accompany you.


Availability and responsiveness of middle management to listen to customers and meet commitments.

Cost control and optimised transport thanks to HATOM's French metal and composite production plants.

HATOM invests in employee training and equipment to limit incidents or accidents on site.

Mapping of the skills mastered to limit the number of participants on site.