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The Group is progressively increasing its national coverage in a controlled manner in order to reduce travel costs, increase the responsiveness of its employees and, above all, to be as close as possible to its customers in order to maintain a relationship of trust on a daily basis.

Thus, our territorial agencies allow the good management of all the projects on the whole territory and many openings will come, in the course of the months, to consolidate, reinforce and manufacture the MADE IN France.

The pillars

HATOM Telecom, HATOM Pylone and HATOM Integration are the 3 pillars of the Group which concentrate highly technical employees whose objective is to collaborate with clients with the sole aim of designing, building, operating and developing the networks of yesterday, today and tomorrow.

The expertise of the staff enables them to participate on a large scale in the auditing of telecommunication networks and structural steel networks, but also by promoting landscape integration by using composite materials to reduce the visual pollution of the landscape and thus participate differently in an Responsible environmental approach .

Our activities

HATOM also has its own fleet of drones to support Group.

This complementary and cross-cutting activity allows the rationalisation of design and study costs by increasing reactivity and simplifying the planning of interventions.

Our 4 production and manufacturing units (Metalwork, locksmithing and composites) work to raise the structures and remove the radio sites from the landscape as much as possible by proposing adapted solutions, integrated where necessary and in line with the Group's QSE policy.


The new Group thus created, has the ambition to accompany Local Authorities, TowerCos and Operators in a Responsible deployment favouring landscape integration and the Made In France both on mechanical structures (polyester or metal) as for the people who make up the company.

We already cover the entire contractual scope internally and provide you with all solutions.


HATOM, the only Group that handles 100% of the deployment of a telecom site, including landscape integration!

Engineering, studies, project management, radio deployment, FH, FO and copper transmission, pylon, camouflage...

We take charge of all phases and ensure the production of metal and composite structures in our french factories.


HATOM Telecom is the Group entity in charge of all telecom issues: engineering, initial deployment, network life, special zones, events, studies, project management assistance, installation, site negotiations, commissioning and maintenance.

Our areas of expertise cover radio, FH and IoT technologies (LORA network) as well as wireline (optical fibre and copper).

We also work alongside you in the deployment of Transmission (SDH, PDH) and Network (Ethernet, IP, IP-MPLS, Firewall...) equipment

If you have a topic, do not hesitate to propose it to us. We will study it seriously and mobilise all the necessary entities of the group.


A Pylon topic?
HATOM Pylone works alongside you to study, calculate and dimension the elements of your structure.

We will assist you in the manufacture, deployment and/or reinforcement of your lattice, monotube and guyed structures.

Our factories in France at Milly la Forêt and Couëron enable us to guarantee transport as close as possible to the sites and to take back the parts when necessary.

New structure, reinforcement, dismantling or evolution of pylons, we adapt our studies and manufacturing to your needs!


The know-how of HATOM Integration (Les Marines de Limay) is now internationally recognised.

Our core business has shifted over the past three decades from shipbuilding to automotive to aerospace.

Today, our activity is focused on rehabilitation in the construction industry and the integration of mobile phone antennas into the landscape using radio-transparent materials.

Every project is unique, everything is possible. There are thousands of solutions to increase the quality of the integration in the landscape. We work with innovative systems such as folding masts, new generation sliding masts, shrubs, slate or tile roofs, sound barriers, etc.
100% of our products are manufactured in our two factories in Freneuse.


HATOM Serrurerie opened its doors on 1 April 2022 in order to meet the growing demand and internalise our needs, those of our clients and those of the operators.

This strategy was carried out on our premises in order to produce internally, to manufacture in France, but also to respond to all the decarbonisation issues by choosing suppliers of raw materials officesto be able to galvanize within 10 minutes and reduce our carbon footprint.

For all industrial metal parts needs, such as posts, covers, masts, structures, offsets, etc...
Do not hesitate to contact the Locksmiths Activity Manager.



Since the creation of HATOM Télécom (TEEC) in February 2010 and in order to meet the growing needs for FH or FO transmission links, project management, and in order not to neglect state clients (HUBONE, DGA or THALES for example), our Group has chosen external growth.
This external growth has enabled us to extend HATOM's range of services, but also to significantly increase our production capacity on the national territory

What better way to do this than with a renowned pylonist.
In December 2010, HATOM Pylône (A.T.F.) joined the Group.
This company, created in 1972, has a national reach, major contracts with the main telecommunications operators and National Maintenance contracts on Orange pylon structures.
HATOM Pylône is progressively increasing its territorial presence and is organising its factory in MILLY-LA-FORET (91) to offer its services in terms of reinforcing structures to accommodate 5G technologies at a lower cost, skirting, and innovative creation to deploy the network in municipalities that are resistant to network evolution... and all of this in compliance with French law, since all the industrial activity is French ...

It was only 6 years later that external growth continued with the purchase of the first French landscape integrator (Les Marines de Limay).
HATOM Integration joined the group in September 2016 and is fully involved in the development strategy of our core businesses.

HATOM then became the only French industrial company that brings together all the multidisciplinary skills (complete project management in the deployment, life of the network and evolution of Telecom sites) but also all the technological bricks necessary for broadcasting / transmission networks (Radio, FH, FO and Copper). technological bricks necessary for broadcasting / transmission networks (Radio, FH, FO and Copper).
HATOM Integration is a manufacturer whose production is 100% French thanks to its two factories in LIMAY and FRENEUSE.
This industrialist masters the pylon, the metallic and composite structures allowing to ensure the deployment of the landscape integration in the respect of the technical and regulatory constraints.

Telecommunication networks are evolving, as are frequencies and needs.
More and more sites managed by TowerCompanies and Operators need to be maintained but also need to evolve to allow for consumers.
With this in mind, in June 2022, the HATOM Group acquired G.T.S (Global Telecom Services).
This external growth opportunity, attached to HATOM Télécom, will enable the company to provide broader support to operators in the deployment and operation of wireless telecommunications networks.
We have become a strong player in this sector, integrating thousands of sites in 2G and 3G networks and 4G and 5G networks.

The adventure does not end there and it is also in April 2022 that the Group's strategy and development allowed it to open its own telecom locksmithing production unit in a factory of more than 1000 m² based in Couëron (44).
This HATOM Serrurerie entity makes it possible to produce all types of metal parts in-house with the main objective of controlling manufacturing costs and lead times.
This acquisition is also in line with our desire to to manufacture in France to respond to all the decarbonisatioAll this also involves a major transport strategy.n issues by choosing LOCAL raw material suppliers, to be able to GALVANISE less than 10 minutes away and thus reduce our carbon footprint in the transport of parts.
All this also involves a major transport strategy.

The group continues to evolve and so do our needs.
Do not hesitate to join our qualified teams, hundreds of positions are waiting for you in all our regions and in all telecom professions.
The story of HATOM is not just a text on a website. not just a text on a website, it is an adventure to be lived on a daily basis so that the Transmission networks live and relive.








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